Makeup boxe

Makeup boxe

My 21 year old son, Chris, was in Prague

last year, and he with no less than 5 English girls.

And now…

He is not one who has several lovers.

(Oh, not as far as I know, then).

But it evolved into a special friendship, and the girls invited Chris to Bristol, where it went crazy crazy that Chris and the girls entered a VIP area on a disco.

A VIP  guard raises Chris and asked what is your name and where you come from.

Chris svarede >>  Lukas Graham I am from Denmark, vagten var tænksom. (Du ved han var

nomineret til hele tre Grammy Awards). Ja det endte med at Chris og the girls, jo fik VIP

treatment because everyone thought he was Luke.

Of course Chris also invited the girls over here.

He just forgot about one little detail.

Chris still lives at home.

And at home?

Yes, here we have only one bathroom.

2 adults.

1 teenage daughter.

1 teenage son


And 5 f * cking teenage girls who probably all spend 2-3 hours in the bathroom…. every day.

Can you imagine that chaos?

Queue as a festival toilet on Saturday night.

But fortunately it didn’t go so wrong….

Line (my daughter) has such a thing here

It took the bread off …

The girls love the mirror, which is your own makeup studio that they could quietly take makeup on ?

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